scribal_goddess (scribal_goddess) wrote,

I come bearing gifts... nearly a month late.

And because of technical issues that delayed one scene, I am finally able to present to you your new chapter, made possible by constant backups, creative license, and simPE installed properly the second time.
That said, no one reads these, so onward:

That said, I am not 100% happy with this one. It's hard coming back from the interlude, where I controlled how everything happened, to try and write in what gets thrown my way. Trying to continue the way that the interlude flowed into this just did not work. This one's a little lumpy (as has already been pointed out,) especially in the segues, but it really was a case of getting it finished so things could move on. I mean, I don't think it deserves to be shot, but the interlude is still my favorite. This one's the custom-binned red-headed stepchild.

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