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Yeah, more organization. I have enough fics that I thought I needed a good place to stash them.


Canon: (These things supposedly happened or will happen at some point)
Sneak Peeks:
These have been used or are being used pretty much word-for-word in past or future chapters. Some of these here are just a different version of the writing, with no pictures.

Self-Confidence and Doubt:
Summary: Aranel doubted that Nymea would even have the decency to pretend to be sorry.
Set: 1.11

Whoever Fights Monsters:
Summary: Zaliander gazes into the Abyss
Set: 1.11

These things won't be shown, but they do happen, though they might not influence any other part of the plot.

Te dire quien eres:
Summary: "Tell me who you walk with and I'll tell you who you are." Tessa's take on the events of "Self-Confidence and Doubt."
Set: Smack in the middle of Bad Company

Jumping Rope:
Summary: Ana and Lydia were having fun with their spring break... until they had to share it.
Set: between 1.11 and 1.12

Lazy days of Summer: Summary: Is your head in the clouds, or your mind in the gutter?
Set: 1.12

Where all Past Years Are:
Summary: Decades had passed
Set: Around 1.13 or later

Just the Ears:
Summary: Delphina gets an anthropology lesson and a life lesson as well.
Set: After 1.13

Best Years of Her Life:
Summary: Aranel had never pictured herself dreading her high-school reuinion.
Set: Generation 2

Potential Canon: (Things that might happen)

If we be friends:
Summary: It really isn't wise to leave memorizing shakespeare for the last moment.
Set: Ana and Lydia's teenage years

Awkward Silence:
Summary: Nothing is more awkward than realizing that your sibling is in a relationship.
Set: It might not happen exactly this way, but the college years of Achenar, Calla and Elirand are where it would happen.

"Some things are naturally difficult for a father to accept":
Summary: Rean comes over for dinner and Haldir draws the wrong conclusion.
Set: After 1.11
Notes: The potential canon-ness is getting pretty high.

Summary: Eluisa searches for evidence of other worlds
Set: After 1.13, but before generation 2

Best (Wo)man:
Summary: Rean and Amadeus have difficulty arranging their wedding.
Set: During Generation 2
Notes: Since I haven't even finished generation one yet, I'm hesitant to call this one a done deal, but it will probably be similar. At least, the upshot of the situation will be the same.

Summary: Rean and Amadeus recieve some non-traditional wedding gifts
Set: Immediately after the previous one.

One for All:
Summary: Backwash is disgusting but you've probably already been exposed to the germs.
Set: Sometime between 1.9 and 1.10

Affection and Desire Never Coincided:
Summary: Elu gives advice to any of her honorary nieces and nephews who need it
Set: near future

In-Universe Extras: (Things that didn't happen but aren't outside of the realm of possibility)

Senior Prank & Moving In:
Senior Prank
Summary: High school pranks are always stupid
Set: Some time after 1.11, (the last few high-school years of Aranel.)
Moving In
Summary: Midina gets some help with her new apartment
Set: Before 1.10, but after 1.9

Missing the Point:
Summary: Viridia doesn't know much about human holidays. Haldir is willing to learn.
Set: near future

Yes, I'll probably split these two up at some time in the future.

AU and Insanity: (This category should be self-explanatory)
On the Run:
AU! Ana and Lydia's boarding-school hijinks.

Not Your Type:
Boarding School AU! Lydia has strong opinions. Also, the return of Dr. Jason the Botanist.

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