scribal_goddess (scribal_goddess) wrote,

Legaversary countdown 2

So, I have slideshared chapter 2 (well, 1.2) and it's only 37 pages! That's including title and closing remarks, and I don't know how that happened. All the same, I've always been proud of this little monster - I managed it before I discovered poseboxes.

Oh, and though there are references to the Princess Bride and the Lord of the Rings in there, along with the Wizard of Oz stuff that comes with the title, they're very oblique and probably could only be picked up by one who is as obsessed with The Princess Bride as I am. Or maybe I just remember thinking about the similarities there while writing this. Ah, well: four days to the Legaversary.

Previously on The Elven Heritage Legacy: Chapter 1.1: Arrival
Continue to Chapter 1.3: Domestic Bliss
Tags: ehl chapters, elven heritage legacy, the sims

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