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The Three Musketeers, Part 3

... And I am never doing a three-part chapter again. How long has it taken me to put up all three? I'll give you a hint - it's more than 6 months.
On a much happier note, Merry Christmas everyone! If you're offended by that, please form a line behind Scrooge ->
(Or accept my "Vague benefaction for a winter holiday," which somehow doesn't have the same ring to it.)
Oh, and you all get virtual cookies. Gingerbread men are another thing that takes far too long.

Fixed slide 108. (Grumbles quietly about Slide Share) Thanks for the heads up Talaie!

Previously on The Elven Heritage Legacy: 1.5 The Three Musketeers, part 2
Continue to: 1.7 Sisterly Love
Tags: ehl chapters, elven heritage legacy, the sims
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