scribal_goddess (scribal_goddess) wrote,

Elven Heritage Legacy Chapter 12

Yes, I'm certain this is chapter 12. I checked and everything... And I made it through this chapter in eleven (and some) months! Not that it wasn't 50% done in May and 80% done by August... I blame Thesis.

Ahem. Like I said, this is the first chapter of 2014, and the first college chapter. Who knows, I might even get through another one within a reasonable time frame.

In any case, do you like my new cover art? It was about time for something newer than the same 10 pictures of the burning tree tortured in GIMP so that they looked different. That up there is me learning to use the gradient and draw vectors tools... but not the color replace tools. *Shrugs*
Tags: ehl chapters, elven heritage legacy, making progress, the sims
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